Hello possible worlds!


First diary entry – undated.

The Seizures, as I have come to call them, struck quite suddenly. The first time, I was dining alone in a favourite house, and awoke face down on the linen. The wait staff seemed frightened of me; I had knocked over a water glass and broken a vase of flowers. Before me was the first drawing, sketched carefully in my own hand inside of a notebook I had purchased that morning.

The next time it happened, I was at work. The incident cost me my position, for after I was revived it was shown to me that I’d carefully inked a drawing on the back of an irreplaceable 16th century manuscript. (Trading in the bonds I possessed to pay for my vandalism did not appease my employer. Though I do now own the defaced manuscript.)

Shortly thereafter I barricaded myself at home. The Seizures come upon me a few times a week, then leave me alone for a month or more. Just when I begin to wonder if they have departed me for good, I am stricken once more. Often there are words and descriptions for the bizarre devices I have drawn, left behind as the waking memory of some nightmare. I must hurry to transcribe them before they fade entirely; and transcribe them I must, for I feel they hold a clue to my worsening condition.

It is as if a spider were niggling between my frontal lobes. An odd, foreign presence that sometimes taps at the mental skylight, and finding it unlocked, sneaks in for a visit. My greatest fear is not that the Seizures continue, driving me into complete madness, but that they stop before I learn their secrets.

Original extract taken from the ‘Codex Transportica’ – anon.

Now continue reading with the first Illustration, the Recreational Walker, taken from the pages of the Codex Transportica.

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5 Responses to “Hello possible worlds!”

  1. rodof said:

    Nice and look good

  2. Ed said:

    There is an eldrich air about this _Codex._ This is not my first encounter.

    _Heavy Metal_ c. 1981?
    Something illustrated by Edward Gorey?
    … Or maybe Graham Wilson?
    Ahh… yes. Lovecraft…

    I follow.

  3. admin said:

    Think more of William Heath Robinson meets Death Race 2000 for the pictures.

    But for the ‘story’ then, yes, Poe is a good choice. Lovecraft indirectly through other authors makes sense. 2000 AD more than Heavy Metal. And, regrettably, I’m not aware of the Gorey or Wilson, I will have to investigate.

  4. dmk said:

    my new favourite website. lovecraft + heath robinson meets panamarenko. most excellent.

  5. admin said:

    Thanks for saying so, dmk. I’d not heard of Panamarenko but now I’ve seens his work I understand what you mean.