RestoSpeed Racing Bed, Model 54


The RestoSpeed Corporation manufactured a number of racing beds for the esteemed Sleep-A-Bye 500 bi-annual races held in Troingenheim. The 54, however, was a derivative intended for drag-racing and as such, had almost no cornering capability. It’s power plant (an internal combustion V8 running on a secret fuel the company refers to only as “Nyquil”) developed 600bph and propelled the bed from 0 to 60 MPH in under 3 seconds. The cabin was appointed with down pillows, cottenelle sheets, and a quilt custom-embroidered with the sponsor’s logo.

4 Responses to “RestoSpeed Racing Bed, Model 54”

  1. Todd said:

    Very cool website, brilliant idea!

  2. admin said:

    Thanks, Todd. That’s nice of you to say so. (Great photos by the way. One of those planes looks like it could find it’s way onto the Codex.)

  3. the enigma said:

    I have seen the very bok 81 years ago on a market stall in cairo.It is real and may lead to the destruction of all life on earth.

  4. admin said:

    Oh dear. Thanks for the warning, The Enigma.

    I wish I could assure you that you are wrong. I cannot, and nor can I prevent the contents of the book being revealed here…