Usherette Hard-Fist Scooter


Sometimes more sarcastically referred to as a Crucified Angel. With unpredictable crowds at the larger spectator sport arenas now resembling small armies, these cheer leader come riot police come usherette strike the right balance in crowd control.

The Hard-Fist generation of scooters allow the rider to assist, calm and exterminate crowd members in equal measure. Although the scooter provides zero protection against crowd attack the only reported injury to a rider still remains that of Miss. ‘A’ who tragically died when riding into a poorly timed missile fired from a colleague riding a Hard-Fist close by.

The ‘Pacifier’ left arm is similar to the military limbs found on many of the Army’s walkers. More emphasis is paid to accuracy on the Hard-Fist’s weapon as non rioting crowd members still object to being fired upon.

2 Responses to “Usherette Hard-Fist Scooter”

  1. Gobble_Grrr said:

    hey nick its me chris lee friend your drawing look FAB keep going make some more

  2. admin said:

    Thanks for saying so, Chris.

    There are plenty more pictures waiting to upload so I will gladly do as you say.