Similar to the now defunct two wheeled version, the modern skateboard still uses a typical ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ Ground Repellent Capsule (located in the support rod).

Archaeological records indicate that the great ancestor to the skateboard required a four wheeled layout – a single wheel being fixed close to each corner of the deck. Transport historians have yet to understand how such an arrangement could have provided locomotion.

4 Responses to “Skateboard”

  1. p3lb0x said:

    I do not approve of this one!
    Not good enough fools!
    On the other hand you can’t get a perfect one everytime

  2. admin said:

    One not perfect sounds like a compliment. Hopefully the book will reveal more perfection.

  3. shane j said:

    my own studies on this subject suggest that the four wheeled version is indeed very poor in providing forwards locomotion.

    records indicate they were very difficult to control and nearly always resulted in injury to the operator.

  4. admin said:

    Thank you for the expert opinion, Shane.

    I have attempted my own research into this matter but have found myself hitting several brick walls – literally.