Two new wallpaper sets

Two more wallpapers have been added to the Downloads page. The usual screen dimensions are included and there are now iPhone and PSP sizes.

According to the download records it appears that the wallpapers are more popular than I expected them to be. If there is a specific size and vehicle that isn’t part of any of the sets then let me know and I’ll try to get it done. I’ll be happy to do the occasional request.

Other news is that I believe there will be a new volunteer to help decode the Codex Transportica. They claim to have an alternative method of deciphering the book – they hinted that they are able to read the words directly from the page although they do not profess to be fluent.

It’s a bold claim and it remains to be seen whether it is true. I have my doubts but I’m prepared to try his method to help speed the transcriptions along.

6 Responses to “Two new wallpaper sets”

  1. Michael said:

    i’d really like 1440×900 or 16:10

  2. Michael said:

    meh nix the 16×10.. 1440×900 is what i’d like to see some of these in. I grab them all and have them rotate a new one every 24hr’s. this way i wouldn’t have to futz with converting them.

  3. admin said:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Michael. I will include 1440 x 900 sizes from now on.

    I’ll leave the current sets as they are as you have already resized those yourself.

  4. Michael said:

    many thanks.. I’m liking the “dr Suess-iness” of these designs alot. though i do wish there was a bit more meat to them. I have even made a few of my own for fun.

  5. admin said:

    Perhaps there will be pictures with more meat to them later in the book. But let us not forget that the anonymous author of the Codex Transportica only had time to quickly sketch out his visions.

  6. Michael said:

    true true and not all of us have eidetic memory. It’s sometimes easy to forget that other don’t remember in the same depth.