(Knife class) Mine Sweeper


Originally designed by the Confoederatio Helvetica Army as an anti-personnel mine sweeper. The spotter is elevated safely above and beyond any potential blast zone if a mine is triggered, but generally the large surface area of the drive wheel, coupled with the extremely soft rubber tyre, means that it can roll over even the most sensitive mines without danger.

The operator is then able to utilise the extensible remote arm to deactivate the mine through use of the myriad drilling, cutting and sonic implements as indicated by the circumstances.

A small yet well-equipped accommodation area atop the vehicle ensured long and successful missions throughout the sprawling land mine filled “Death” deserts.

The entire vehicle folds away around the central wheel for easy storage and transportation, and indeed it is this very paradigm: versatile yet compact, that inspired the Helveticans to produce small hand-held multi-use tools for their entire armed forces, in the form of a small so-called “pen” knife.

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