Morgan VTO Anti-Xepelin Defence Craft


Embodying the word “Strike Force” with its literal meaning, the Morgan Vertical Take-Off “Pugilist” craft formed a slightly sardonic second-line defence against enemy air-attack.

Originally nicknamed the “flying flea” this craft proved to be astonishingly manoeuvrable in combat, allowing a skilful pilot to escape retaliatory fire. A single firing mechanism launched a projectile with sufficient force to puncture the side of the enemy Xepelin craft ensuring its quick demise.

Initial problems with recoil were effectively solved with the addition of a large pad (as seen here, modelled on a boxer’s glove) which inadvertently had a remarkable effect on enemy morale: ace Morgan VTO pilots would target the Captain riding atop the “King Seat” on a Xepelin in an attempt to punch him clean off of his mast. The sheer embarrassment of losing their captain often meant instant surrender from all of the dirigible’s crew. (Please note: Xepelin Captains would often bind their legs to the “King Seat” to avoid being dislodged by a hefty punch. This produced victories from several commatose Xepelin Captains as their crews gallantly fought on in ignorance.)

As a final accolade for this remarkable machine, the enemy nicknamed it “The Morgan Mortifier”.

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