ChunderRoll Standcycle


A candidate for the most thrilling ground based vehicle (the Head Dart being the aficionados choice). Standcycles are the closest thing to fast forward levitation without actually using an outlawed levitation device.

Lacking front guard protection, the rider puts there driving prowess to the test as the vehicle is prone to falling forward when breaking suddenly. Front ‘anti-flop’ stabilizers are sometimes fitted for novice riders though the perceived humiliation means this is uncommon.

The vehicle possess great manoeuvrability in the hands of a skilled driver – often seen in the spectacle known as the Standcyle Dances demonstrated on the larger eastern promenades.

The artist, Zeet Zwiescogh, has made a career out of her unique Standcyle dance routines. The ‘Splat Rider’ performances are carefully choreographed to provide a graceful and mesmerizing interaction between the ten riders before they meet their grand splat finale. Zwiescogh’s own vehicle is an original ChunderRoll AA with 35 ‘splats’ accounted for. Blood and tissue remains on the cycle indicate the authenticity of this extraordinary claim.

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