Diary extract No.2

There has been a little dispute as to the correct translation of the following diary extract. Mr. Clarke does appear to have the gift of transcribing the pages with nothing more than a glance. But I have made slight amendments to his version as I still believe that the cipher contained at the back of the book is required for ‘true’ interpretations.

The second diary extract follows…

Despite the Seizures now visiting me more frequently I feel that I am still of sound mind, though I fear that my physical condition is beginning to slowly deteriorate. I have an abscess forming in my lower jaw. A large glass of port wine helps relieve the pain so I do not feel too aggrieved.

I now believe these automatic writings to be impressions of some other world. Whilst suffering a Seizure attack I am becoming increasingly aware of the dream like visions. As if looking through a broken window out onto the distorted nightmare beyond, I am unable to see clearly and dare not gaze for too long lest I witness true horrors.

Initially, a fragment is presented to me, a wheel perhaps, and then around it a preposterous machine shivers and spews outward until the complete vehicle is born. These monstrosities defy logic and reason and yet I see their movements and intricate workings therefore I know they are real. (And yet they cannot be real.)

Yesterday I attacked my man servant. I accused him of being my gaoler and wanting to imprison me in my own house. Oddly, he claimed not to have met me before – he departed and has not returned. My store cupboard will eventually need replenishing but I believe I can survive for several months with what I have. There is sufficient amount to keep me alive whilst I serve my sentence I am sure – but I remain curious as to what is my crime.

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