Equus Caballus


For many years it has been said “a gentleman is not a gentleman without his horse” but since the Scientological Revolution, there was little room in the cities for such an out-moded form of transportation.

Of course it was only a matter of time before a solution was presented. Always ready to scent and exploit a niche, Marchant & Co created the first Equus Caballus – a “Noble Steed for the New Century”.

Unveiled at the Great Exhibition of 86, the “Tennessee Walker” as it became known was an instant hit amongst the wealthier strata of society. A man could still ride tall in the saddle and yet enjoy the supreme comforts of weather protection, temperature control, a decanter of fine brandy, a humidor.

Articulated appendages with powered spring-damped suspension ensured the EC could also mount stairs, step daintily over the poor, cross reasonably deep water and of course power smoothly down any road with sufficient panache for the most demanding of dandies.

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  1. p3lb0x said:

    “Step daintly over the poor” BRILLIANT!