Head Dart (Spartan Joy specification)


Head Darts are now confined to the professional race tracks and ‘scrape-slide’ meetings held across the flat wastelands of Mirroville.

The minimal design and construction of the race vehicles still resemble the homemade outlawed jalopies of yesteryear, though, they are now precision made machines with price tags that make them worthy of the expert engineering teams that maintain them.

Steered via the ‘chin plate’ at the front of the vehicle, the driver lies face down with feet towards the rear of the ‘spatula’, and then controls the heading of the Dart by moving their lower jaw in the direction they wish to travel; speed is controlled similarly with a push forward of the chin. This precarious position creates the ultimate racing experience for anyone brave enough to ride with their nose just a tickle above the race track.

Rumour indicates that a more sedate street legal model is in production by the backers of Team Pretty Whiskers after their successful run of wins. The controversy over the chin plate support wheel having now been ruled as legal.

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