Bully Boy Walker (W217 mk3i)


Personal safety and security are never trivial matters, especially so when you are fortunate enough to live in the Sector A regions. But, as much as the world has been tailored to your requirements and demands, there remain terrible districts outside of your pristine walled utopia. And how unfortunate it is that you must venture into these lands of filth, crime and squalor when carrying out your ‘Karma Duties’.

How lucky you are that the Bully Boy will ensure you travel in a style that only your elite income can provide. Engage with the riff-raff as little or as much as you care to do – the Bully Boy has an automated ‘smash-stranger-to-a-pulp’ mode. Or, if you prefer, you can easily switch to manual fight mode and throw a few combination punches at any of the certified targets in your way.

The Bully Boy is designed to stomp and crush all common types of organic and non organic material that you are likely to encounter (the machine has full Sentient Importance Class 2 exemption). The pilot compartment has been tested to comply with Riot 3 levels of aggravation, so you can be assured of a stress free ride at all times (onboard crematoria facilities are provided strictly in case of absolute emergency Riot 4 situations).

Walker Inc.

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