Peppin Recliner


The simple mono-wheel recliner, with a slightly exotic engine – a semi flywheel and pseudo perpetual motion spring. Still under scrutiny by the Quamcourt Brigade for patent infringement but nonetheless a favourite with many of the ‘lady’ park-picnickers of today.

Dame Ashcroft’s extraordinary tirade against the Duchess of Quamcourt put an end to the lake shore bathing, but it is hoped that donkey jumping will be restored next season. Whether the Peppin Recliner will continue to be used in its present form remains to be seen. Tradition dictates that a Peppin device must be part of the ceremonies, though, it has never been stated whether that must be a Peppin from the Johnson Factory or a Peppin from the Jehnson Factory.

Controversy and bitter rivalry is the norm for all of the ladies summer events but legislation to outlaw the picnickers never passes beyond the Third Council Order. And now that there is talk of Princess Eruption#09 making successful jumps over nine donkeys with a standard Peppin Recliner, the Third Council will continue to have their way.

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