Diary extract No. 5

I have an invisible guest. Possibly no more than a cat burglar. Nothing appears to have been stolen but the stranger has made their presence quite obvious to me – well, they have deliberately left evidence that they were here. Until I am fortunate enough to catch them red-handed I will take peace in the fact they are not out to harm me. Something they have had plenty of opportunity to do whilst I suffer through my troubled sleep.

For a while I wasn’t sure if it were simply my imagination playing tricks on me. Just the basic mechanics of my brain forcing me to see patterns where there are none. A name scrawled in the dust upon the mantelpiece, or a few half words scratched out between the corn and seeds I throw out to the birds.

But no. I awoke this morning; went about my early routine and finally came face to face with a perfectly clear declaration that someone had been here.

The shaving mirror has been smeared with my deluxe talcum powder and then a message etched into the fine coating by use of a sharp instrument – maybe a toothpick. You will be wondering why I did not jolt and panic at this. Perhaps I am too tired and weak to respond with sane reactions now. I am no longer surprised by such events during my day. Sometimes I am not even sure if I am awake. The pain of the Seizures had been enough to remind me, and to reassure me, that I was still conscious. But, thankfully, this pain has gone, and so I am left in an almost numb state of awareness, drifting from a level of lucidity to another of total thoughtlessness.

But more importantly, what of the stranger’s message. It appears to be harmless; possibly an invitation. It contains code words within a typical mundane sentence structure; I am unable to understand its meaning. My instinct has become such that I now assume there is a connection between these words and the Seizure I had the previous day. Somehow the code must relate to that earlier vision. How and why I cannot say, but I am convinced that there are outside agents at work that know far more than I. They know what is happening to me, and I suspect that they are the cause.

I will write the message here and ponder on it for a while longer. Eventually a spark of inspiration will arrive and I am sure to see its purpose – whether that will bring fortune or despair, right now, I do not mind.

The message reads…“p3lb0x said: I didn’t quite lol. But its very original.”

One Response to “Diary extract No. 5”

  1. Dr Smilax said:

    ‘…The message reads…“p3lb0x said: I didn’t quite lol. But its very original.”’

    Now that DID make me LOL! 🙂