Jötunn class XXLepelin (the Final Answer)


For some time, it had seemed impossible to counter the threat posed by the XLepelins. However, human ingenuity and ambition knows no bounds, and after a frantic pace of development, it did not take very long for Allied Automation to design and build the great airship that was the Final Answer: a Xepelin of truly epic proportions.

Seen here, post war, in its vertical deployment, the XXLepelin’s modus operandi was simple. Once airborne, the great airship could rotate into the horizontal plane and quickly head for its intended target. Power came from two monumental hybrid jet+scramjet units, utilising a traditional design jet acting as a supercharger to force atmospheric oxygen through an inter-cooler and into the main scramjet. For something so vast, the XXLepelin was surprisingly manoeuvrable and almost impervious to atmospheric conditions due to its bulk.

The major flaw in the smaller, and much slower, XLepelin’s design was of course the vulnerability to attack from above – something the Final Answer was able to easily achieve. Once in the horizontal cruising position, the articulated ‘Unicorn’ cutting arm was deployed, cutting a rent in the XLepelin’s skin from bow to stern: literally tearing the vessel from the sky. Consequently the serious threat from the original XLepelins was soon eradicated, and those that survived the war were returned to their civilian duties as cargo SuperLifters.

Similar to the other Xepelin ships, the XXL colossus was designed with multipurpose in mind. The enormous downward thrust capable of being produced from the mighty engines allowed the craft to strike upon enemy property like a giant’s hammer. A well aimed hit from the enormous landing wheel could demolish an entire factory with ease; a few precise chisel jabs could lay waste to an entire town or barracks well before the unfortunate occupants had time to flee.

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the floating behemoth was the great oculus positioned at the centre of the craft. Unique to the XXLepelin, the ‘E-vel IX’ was a complex, and somewhat mysterious, optical instrument built around a ninth generation quantum computer (the first, and only, static flux prototype). By taking a single ‘snapshot’ of the surrounding landscape the eye/computer could calculate or ‘promise’ the enemy’s entire movements for the oncoming day. These forecasts seemed beyond mere formulated predictions: with an accuracy of 99.9973%, it is forgivable that their source was seriously misunderstood to be of ‘divine’ origin.

A common superstitious belief remains: that if the oculus were to focus on a single man, it would know all that his life entails; right to point of his death – and possibly even beyond. It is not known if the incredible device has been used for such purposes, but the fear and implications of doing so certainly helped the Final Answer become what it is today.

Only one XXLepelin was ever built, and is of course still fully operational. Everyone knows the story of how the thousand crew voted to secede from the Allies and form a floating country of their own. After many years of threats, cajolery and finally the realisation that it was better to be in league with the XXLepelin than against it, the Final Answer was granted sovereignty. “Resolution,” as it is now known, is a common view above major world cities, and a popular destination for wealthy tourists.

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