The Tlaloc Battery (SHERLOCC Ohm)


Shown here is the Super High Electrical Relay-Linked Over-Capacity Cell developed by the eminent physicist Simon Ohm.

The requirement for such a device became apparent early in the conflict as new and ever more power-hungry machinery was produced to aid the Allies’ conflict. Highly portable, a simple hover platform enabled the SHERLOCC to be towed virtually anywhere, including over water: a huge logistical advantage at the time.

The array of ultra-high-capacity Leyden Jars arranged in a Hyper-Hexa-Heptagonal pattern, ensure that all cells are interconnected and able to discharge either in parallel or series depending upon the application.

A dramatic demonstration of the SHERLOCC’s awesome capacity was performed at its public unveiling. Astonished observers were treated to a man-made lightning storm when an aeroplane, containing a party of celebrities and high ranking military personnel, flew overhead trailing a conductor several thousand feet above the SHERLOCC. Sheet lightning arced from the discharge spike at the top of the giant battery directly towards the aircraft, however, the demonstration went well beyond expectations when the plane and passengers were obliterated by the power of the strike.

In order to prepare the device for deployment, basic recharging facilities could be used for maximum flexibility, but the principal method used was a steam turbine driven from the small nuclear reactor in the base.

Interestingly, this particular illustration is a very rare picture of a type 221b which was lost during the rout of 96. It is now known than the crew of this SHERLOCC were killed by radiation when a stray shell pierced the containment chamber holding the plutonium rods for the nuclear reactor. The site was unapproachable for many years, and over time its location was lost as the war turned and attention was distracted to other parts of the globe.

It was the prophet, Arthur C Clarke, who once said “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and this is indeed what seems to describe what happened. A nearby Tepanek tribe, unaware of the conflict in the world at large, was all but wiped out by the radiation spilling from the damaged unit, but those that survived underwent a variety of benign mutations, and the SHERLOCC came to be worshipped as the “Torch of Tlaloc”.

Note the “Angel” at the top of the discharge rod just above the Van der Graaf sphere. Due to the intense electromagnetic activity still present within the unit even after the accident, atmospheric effects and discharges continued, making the angel glow and flicker at random times, no doubt re-enforcing the natives’ belief that this was, indeed, the property of the Gods themselves.

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