Brunholdt Banshee


As one of the original unwitting recipients of the QED virus (see previous entry) Bernhardt Brunholdt was a transformed man. Originally working for Pearson’s Research Labs (“we give you the things that God left out”) as a paranormal researcher, his exposure was to have an effect not only on his IQ, but also on his psychic abilities. Just how this manifested was apparent to a shocked nation a few months later.

Hours before most of the infected staff were rounded up for “treatment” he was able to clear his considerable bank deposits and disappeared without trace. Later it was revealed he took refuge within a rogue group of Spherodon Charger racers (see ref) where he was sheltered as he undertook his further research into the paranormal.

Despite his evident insanity, Brunholdt can be credited with one astounding revelation: his ultimate and incontrovertible proof of the existence of ghosts as the restless spirits of the dead. Unfortunately, by this stage hopelessly and incurably paranoid, his research took a more alarming turn: how to capture and contain these spirits. Sure enough, once proof of existence was his, how to find, trap and ultimately control these poor souls became apparent. Based around phasmic wave generation (see reference at end) where he had originally located the spirits, he discovered that by manipulating these frequencies he was able to create a field which ghosts could not penetrate. Thus the cage was built – known as the Purgatoric Containment Chamber, since the field it generated caused unbearable suffering to the spirits captured within.

Capture itself was relatively easy. Utilising a simple hand-held phasmic generator, Brunholdt simply harvested a local graveyard, driving all the lost souls into his PCC. By now having lost all sense of normal “right and wrong” or even why he began his research, he simply turned his attention to how best make use of his discoveries.

Taking ownership of a recently-crashed Spherodon Charger (and at the same time, taking the soul of the deceased occupant into captivity) he set to work creating a horrible new type of racer: the Restless Spirit Series One.

Shown here is his own vehicle, codenamed the Banshee, based on the original Spherodon Charger design. Chillingly, it was so named due to the incessant screaming and shrieking of the spirits trapped in hideous torment by his PCC (or Tomb Engine as it became commonly known). The degenerate group with whom he raced displayed a more sang froid sense of humour, terming the vehicle “Squeals on Wheels” or the whimsically named Zoom Tomb.

Note how the vehicle remains elevated by the force of the desperate souls contained within. Directional mobility is easily achieved by varying the power fed to various points in the PCC grid, driving the trapped souls in the opposite direction and propelling the vehicle accordingly.

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2 Responses to “Brunholdt Banshee”

  1. mouser said:

    Now that is seriously sick, twisted and spooky. I sure hope he got what he deserved eventually.

  2. p3lb0x said:

    That’s pretty twisted indeed