Haupp’s Political Platform (Soap Box Racer)


Often unhinged at the best of times due to drifting radiation poisoning, poor diets and paranoia, tin pot Kings, Emperors and Dictators-for-life sprang up wherever a community was cut-off. Many such communities, bereft of vital supplies and materials, had to make do with anything that came to hand to both defend themselves from aggressive neighbours and simply make life possible to live. Strong personalities drew the populace around them with strong words and deeds. (See reference at end.)

Howie Haupp was one such character of the times. A genius with words, able to play upon simple folk’s fears, he would tour the region with his mobile oratory platform (or rather, at a safe distance behind it, since it was such an easy target for rebel sharpshooters) wooing local townspeople to rally to his cause. Once safely parked, he would ascend the tower and deliver inflammatory speeches to all who would listen, urging them to take up arms in his cause.

As shown here, his Political Platform was simply a rickety collection of timbers scavenged from old mine-shaft pilings. Driving the Soap Box was hazardous in the extreme due to its habit of collapsing beneath the unfortunate driver, or local rebels attacking such an easy target. The poor unfortunates who were “volunteered” for such driving duties would ruefully report that they had just been “shafted” as they were dragged away.

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