Psychischer Todesgeck’s Trichairatops


Taking its cue from the dragsters of the late 20th and early 21st century, the visually stunning Trichairatops was seen by many as the acme of chopper evolution, and represented a new vogue in the fusion of power, style and, of course, huge difficulty of operation. A renegade from “Die Totungirrtotungen” biker gang, Psychischer Todesgeck and his sidekick Fetter Klumpen were renowned for their outre designs and eclectic use of design cues.

In the case of the Trichairatops the design was so impossible to ride without computer assistance that a small parabolic steering guide (see diagram) had to be added after several near-fatal collisions.

Note the Midi-sized iReactor Nuclear PowerCubette situated in the centre of the vehicle. Despite its name, this unit is hugely powerful – and hugely illegal (the birth defect statistics alone are staggering). This small atomic reaction chamber can be seen feeding a sub-miniature bi-axial differential with anti-hysterisis gerotor pump, which is able to put around 8000 bhp to the drive wheels.

The careful observer will also notice the wiring loom running from the driver’s seat. Although intended only as a throttle control to the power unit, a minor design flaw created a feedback loop back through the wiring. High voltages were pumped directly back to the driver, and as a testament to the massive power running through the vehicle, supercharged plasma effects (St Elmo’s fire) would arc from the driver’s horned helmet in a visually stunning lightning storm around his head.

Unfortunately this effect did in fact fry most of Psychischer’s neurons, and he became little more than a mindless passenger of his own vehicle. Eventually his partner took advantage of this, and it is now possible to book “The Psychischer Todesgeck’s Trichairatops Experience” for children’s parties, weddings and birthdays.

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  1. mouser said:

    these gang members sure had style didn’t they?