Hydrogen-Assisted Lunar Facade (half-moon)


Rightly or wrongly, many people blame the New Columbians for a lot of the world’s ills, but there can be no denying the enormity of the mistake (or ‘miscalculation’ as they put it) of continued and repeated tests of their new Positron bomb (an antimatter weapon with enormous destructive power (more later)) using the Earth’s Moon as a target.

Unfortunately, the final test was also the final straw, and the Moon collapsed into a cloud of antimatter which girdled the Earth for several weeks, ruining all astronomical observations and causing psychosis in wolves across the world, who had nothing to howl at.

Amazingly, the accident was successfully kept under wraps for many years afterward, thanks to the HALF project. From remote locations across the planet, small hydrogen balloons were launched every night into the hazy atmosphere, to provide a facsimile of the Moon.

As can be seen from the illustration, the phases of the moon are easily controlled by the Segmented Human Assisted Mask Mechanism (or SHAMM) with the controller (also known as the Lunar Tick due to his insect-like upper atmosphere protection garb) simply pulling on the appropriate control line.

The imitation was actually surprisingly good, and it was only due to one of the balloons exploding (those Lunar Ticks were mad enough to smoke while on duty) that the pretence was finally exposed.

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  1. mouser said:

    hahahahaha… now that is great stuff. the moon collapsed and no one noticed.. classic.