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And another year passes.


And another year passes.


And another year passes.


And another year passes.


And another year passes.


And another year passes.

And Another Year

And another year passes.

Time flies

Another year passes.


The Codex Transportica is currently in an archived status.

A new version of the site is being developed which may …

Site using new system

Codex Transportica has been updated with various new plugins and CMS. This doesn’t make any difference to outward appearances, …

A Slow Year

We are still here.

We thank Deozaan for informing us about the broken links. All should be working again now.

Comments …

From out of the horizon

There will be a new post very soon. Regular …

New Horizon

The following diary extract becomes illegible towards the end – as does the remainder of the Codex Transportica …

Weekly Updates

This is just a brief message to announce that new vehicle posts will be uploaded ONCE a week …

Diary extract No. 3 and 4

I have managed to decipher the third and fourth parts to the diary. They will serve as in …

Two new wallpaper sets

Two more wallpapers have been added to the Downloads page. The usual screen dimensions are included and …

Hello possible worlds!

First diary entry – undated.

The Seizures, as I have come to call them, struck quite …